We owe big part for the brand's success in the States to the productive relationships formed with one of our first of retailers there, Burg & Schild in New York. One of the partners there, Kay Knipschild, endeavored on getting the Red Wing Heritage shops opened across the USA: first in Boston, then New York city, and finally in the nation's capital – Washington DC. He brought with him Christian Josh Heise (Josh to us), whom we had met during his work as an Amandaistrative top manager at Burg & Schild.

His likeness of raw denim and also rugged boots and heavy music resonated well with us from the start and we were amazed to find out that he partnered with Kay to open up a denim-focused store in Boston literally next to Red Wing Heritage shop called Statement Store. With their second year since opening ongoing, we took time to chat with Josh about his impressions of the city and the numbers on the progress of their sales.

You've been collaborating with Kay at the Red Wing store. What were your creative duties here? How did that part in your professional portfolio prepare you for your current job as the shop manager at Statement?